Our Story

After planning her own 3 weddings (to the same husband), Kristine, was happy, married, and exhausted. Wedding planning and making every moment picture-worthy takes time and money -- both of which Kristine did not have a lot to spare. Why couldn't she just pay for a service for the decorations and all the gifts that she was curating herself? Light bulb! Kristine roped in her sister, Karen, and reconnected with her college friend, Monica, after moving back to SoCal and the three of them started to plan. 


A few months later, here we are!


Our North Star

We founded our name, Quartz & Honey, on the idea that we were looking for something to represent the power of a gift.  Both quartz and honey are known for their healing properties and for us, gifts can offer the same benefit.  Gifts are a thoughtful way to say thank you, a way to lift someone’s spirits and a way to celebrate those magical milestones in life.


Whether you are celebrating your last fling before the ring with your squad, or saying congrats on the new baby or just saying hello to your long-distance bestie, Quartz & Honey is here for you.

Let us curate, so you can celebrate!